The Port of San Diego Celebrates Maritime Month

The Port of San Diego is honoring the critical role and influence of San Diego’s maritime industry throughout the month of May; branding it Maritime Month, the port will host free events including boat and bus tours and a free movie night in order to recognize and show appreciation to the men and women of San Diego Bay’s working waterfront.

Maritime Month is a part of the Port’s efforts to celebrate National Maritime Day, May 22nd, bringing attention to the benefits enjoyed by the local community, regional partners, and the entire nation which are provided by the maritime industry.  The Board of Port Commissioners is expected to make a Maritime Month proclamation at a May 12th board meeting.

Economic impact, cargo capabilities, military and cruise ship services, as well as environmental stewardship, are all being highlighted as activities and festivities take place around the port. Port activities contributed more than $7.6 billion to the regional economy last year, including more than 33,000 jobs on the waterfront alone. The two cruise ship terminals operating at the port bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. “Maritime Month highlights the significant contributions made by the many businesses, employees and neighbors of San Diego Bay,” said Board of Port Commissioners Chairman Dan Malcolm. “The success of the Port and its resulting impact on the region relies on the dedication of these individuals and the dynamic nature of our natural deep-water harbor and waterfront. I am honored to be a part of this important recognition, and am looking forward to this exciting month-long celebration.”

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Source: Port of San Diego