Green Omni Terminal Demonstration Project Begins

Pasha Stevedoring and Terminals L.P., a privately held professional breakbulk cargo-handling company, and the Port of Los Angeles have committed to launching the Green Omni Terminal Demonstration Project – a display of zero and near-zero emission technologies at a marine terminal designed to generate all required energy needs from renewable sources.

The project, funded in part with a $14.5 million grant from the California Air Resources Board, is estimated to cost $26.6 million in total. In addition to zero-emission electric vehicles and cargo-handling equipment, the 40-acre terminal will feature a microgrid allowing solar generation, battery storage, and an energy management system. It is anticipated that the terminal will reduce 3,200 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. The clean air gains equate to taking 14,100 cars a day off the road in the South Coast Air Basin.

The project is expected to commence in June. For more information on the Green Omni Terminal Demonstration Project, click here.