CAPA Members Appointed to Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness

Leaders of California’s ports have enjoyed a history of serving on federal transportation-related advisory bodies, including most recently serving on the National Freight Advisory Committee (NFAC) and the Marine Transportation System National Advisory Council (MTSNAC).  This trend is set to continue as Port of Los Angeles Executive Director, Gene Seroka, and Port of Long Beach Chief Executive Officer, Jon Slangerup, were recently appointed by U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker to the Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness (ACSCC).

“These new Committee members are leaders in their fields and represent supply chain firms, associations, stakeholders, and community organizations,” Secretary Pritzker said. “Their advice, information, and recommendations in interagency discussions will be useful in our efforts to expand U.S. exports and strengthen our nation’s economy.”

“I’m honored to represent the Port of Los Angeles and our stakeholders as we determine best practices to increase U.S. exports,” said Gene Seroka who has teamed up with Jon Slangerup to address supply chain issues related to trans-Pacific trade to the United States. “Our work on supply chain optimization over the past year in the San Pedro Bay port complex will add valuable insights to this committee’s efforts.”

The appointment was made on April 8th with the announcement of 11 new members to the ACSCC, which was initially established in November of 2011. The advisory committee is comprised of 45 senior-level private sector representatives and supply chain authorities that counsel the Secretary of Commerce, the Department of Transportation, and other federal agencies on issues related to the supply chain and the international competitiveness of U.S. businesses.

“I am honored to be working with the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and such a distinguished group of appointees seeking solutions to freight, transportation and logistics issues,” Jon Slangerup added, “I am proud to help support our national competitiveness by sharing my experiences on the Port of Long Beach’s supply chain optimization efforts.”