The California Association of Port Authorities (CAPA) has been engaged in an on-going and successful educational outreach effort known as the Port In Every Region (PIER) program, since 2005.  This program is designed to inform policymakers and other stakeholders on the critical role California ports play in local, state and national economies and to emphasize CAPA-member ports’ ambitious environmental protection programs and community engagement efforts. PIER Program efforts often include port tours; the distribution of important trade-related information via PIER News, policy statements, and other publications; serving on state advisory bodies; and participating in trade-related coalitions, organizations and events.

Working in partnership with port-users, the PIER program seeks to educate policy-makers and industry and community interests on the important role ports play in the goods movement economy and the on-going environmental management and community outreach efforts in which California ports are engaged.  PIER efforts are focused on helping the state appreciate that our integrated port system is not only a critical element of the state’s broader transportation network, but also critical to economic development in every local region of the state.  In conjunction with port partners, the PIER program provides educational information on the critical nature of port operations to local regions, to the state and to the nation.

CAPA also serves on the Steering Committee for the California Maritime Leadership Symposium (Symposium), the premier California conference focused on briefing legislators, regulatory bodies and staff on key matters related to the Maritime Transportation System.



The California Association of Port Authorities (CAPA) is dedicated to maintaining a healthy, vital port industry throughout California and is committed to protecting the interests of California ports while maintaining the state’s leading role in the maritime industry.